Sunday, September 18, 2016

AliveDocFest - Asperger's Doc "Through Our Eyes" 50min Screening

The extended version of my film will be shown in an online film festival September 23-25th, 2016!
Enter the screening room when it's showing if you haven't already seen it!

> Enter the Screening Room

Note: This is the EXTENDED VERSION of my film, 50 minutes long.
The official date/time for my film will be posted by Wed 9/21.
If it's not posted by then, you can contact me at
(I'm also pretty sure this event is free. It doesn't specify on their website.)

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Autism Acceptance Month & Asperger's Documentary FREE Showing

Don't forget! The showing of my documentary "Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's" (the extended version) at the Arcada Theater is coming up April 19th!

RSVP Here ➤ 
Join the Facebook event ➤
Share my doc on YouTube for Autism Awareness/Acceptance ➤

Hi, I'm Alyssa, and I have Aspergers Syndrome. I don't like putting myself in front of the camera so heres some footage of me I happen to have.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Though me and many other aspies would prefer to call it World Autism Acceptance Day, because there's plenty of awareness already. It's one thing to recognize someone with autism. It's another thing to accept who they are and help them feel like they belong.

To help spread acceptance of Asperger's and autism, I produced "Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's," a documentary from the perspectives of people like me.

And I wanted to announce that there will be a FREE showing of the film coming up this month! This will be an extended version of the film, not the 32 minute version on YouTube.

The event will be April 19th at the Arcada in St. Charles IL. It is free to attend, but there will be limited seating, so each person needs to reserve their seat ahead of time. So please register soon via the link in the description if you are going!

Feel free to invite your friends, family, teachers, parents, employers, or anyone else who may benefit from seeing the film, including individuals on the autism spectrum. The theater will be autism friendly.

Also I will be at this event and I'll be available for a Q&A, so if any of you who have seen my film already want to meet me, I will be there. See ya!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Recent Videos

I've been making more videos recently! Like I mentioned in my previous update, my channel had been undergoing some changes--I wanted to focus more on Asperger's Syndrome and autism. I also changed the title of my channel to "Alyssa Huber - The Life of an Aspie" to match my blog title, as well as the logo.

Here are some of my recent uploads:

The Mask of Normality - Hiding my True Self (An Asperger's Conundrum)
An Asperger's conundrum: being accepted only if I act "normal." I am not neurotypical, even if I can look like it. It's draining trying to be something I'm not. Sadly, a lot of the more harmless Asperger's traits are shunned due to being misunderstood, while the more harmful ones may be covered up without addressing the root problem.

Aspies in Love - Alyssa and Matt (A Neurodiverse Valentine's Day)
This video is my public declaration that says "Hey, this love pug is mine and I wanna show him off."... Even though I'm sorta shy about it. xD It's also to show that everyone is lovable. You just need the right kind of person.

My goal is to upload at least two videos per month. I wish I could do more, but I manage several channels and have a wide range of hobbies! :) If you want to see more content from me in general, feel free to check out my other channels and pages, as listed here:

                                                   YouTube Letsplays                      Twitch Streams

Thursday, January 21, 2016


My YouTube channel, AlyssaHuberFilms, will be undergoing some changes. Originally it was dedicated to my film projects, both big and small. But now I've decided to go in a different direction. Check out my latest update for more details!

I want to focus more on the topic of Asperger's Syndrome since my documentary has become fairly popular (my biggest accomplishment yet! Wooot!! :D ). I want to document my personal experiences of being on the spectrum, as well as others.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update: #AutismBigGive Event

The Big Give for Autism is September 17th! The Autism Society is raising money to support services for children and young adults on the autism spectrum. I plan to make a donation since I want to help other aspies like myself, and I've posted a video to get the word out about the #AutismBigGive.

➤ Click here or below to watch my Big Give for Autism video.

➤ Support the Big Give for Autism

You can still get the extended version of my Asperger's Documentary ("Through Our Eyes") on DVD for a discount! Lasts until the end of September 2015. I'm also working on getting English subtitles on the YouTube version, and there's a slight chance of me adding Spanish subtitles if I can find someone to translate!

Also, please comment below if you would prefer to rent the extended version of "Through Our Eyes" digitally from YouTube, iTunes, or possibly Netflix. I'll work on it if there's enough demand. :)

In other news, I recently posted a new short film to show a glimpse into my inner world. ➤ Watch "Two Worlds" here.

In terms of free stock footage, I haven't been posting much lately because I'm trying to capture new footage that meets the requirements of the site I'm uploading too. I also need them to be reviewed and put on the site so I can provide a download link once they're done.

Thanks for watching! :)


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Inside my Brain... ''Two Worlds'' Digital Effects Short

One of my favorite projects in my Digital Film Effects class was this one. The goal was to showcase some greenscreen and particle effects, along with faux environments with pieces of videos and images. I call mine "Two Worlds" to show the contrast between the real world and the one in my head. The effects aren't perfect, but I love that I got to metaphorically place myself in a representation of Vael.

Special thanks to my friend Mason for filming me on the greenscreen!

(Note: Some of these shots were used in my documentary "Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's")

Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Music: CDK - Silence Await

Click here to see more of my student films!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Through Our Eyes" has 9,000 views! Here's a special discount to celebrate.

The extended version of "Through Our Eyes" on DVD is cheaper now if you want to get one! It's my gift to all of you to celebrate over 9k YouTube views. This version tells the stories of 7 aspies, plus there's 50 minutes of bonus interview from parents and experts on AS.

Check out this update for more info!

Get "Through Our Eyes" on DVD (with discount)

Watch "Through Our Eyes" YouTube Version

I also have uploaded a new short film depicting sensory overload from the perspective of someone with Asperger's--in this case, my friend Katie from the documentary. Check it out, and share it with others to help them understand what it's like!

In other news, to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the completion of my first film, "Cursed Waters," I'm going to make it available to watch on YouTube! The link should be available 8-10 hours from now, so just click the image below to watch it when it's done uploading!