Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Recent Videos

I've been making more videos recently! Like I mentioned in my previous update, my channel had been undergoing some changes--I wanted to focus more on Asperger's Syndrome and autism. I also changed the title of my channel to "Alyssa Huber - The Life of an Aspie" to match my blog title, as well as the logo.

Here are some of my recent uploads:

The Mask of Normality - Hiding my True Self (An Asperger's Conundrum)
An Asperger's conundrum: being accepted only if I act "normal." I am not neurotypical, even if I can look like it. It's draining trying to be something I'm not. Sadly, a lot of the more harmless Asperger's traits are shunned due to being misunderstood, while the more harmful ones may be covered up without addressing the root problem.

Aspies in Love - Alyssa and Matt (A Neurodiverse Valentine's Day)
This video is my public declaration that says "Hey, this love pug is mine and I wanna show him off."... Even though I'm sorta shy about it. xD It's also to show that everyone is lovable. You just need the right kind of person.

My goal is to upload at least two videos per month. I wish I could do more, but I manage several channels and have a wide range of hobbies! :) If you want to see more content from me in general, feel free to check out my other channels and pages, as listed here:

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