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Filming & Cameras
(Canon T2i DSLR, Panasonic HC-X920 Camcorder, most other camcorders)
Tripod Setup & Operation
Multi-Camera/Angle Shooting
Audio Recording

Video Editing
Experience: Since 2007
Software: Adobe Premiere CS3/CS6/CC, Adobe After Effects CS3/CS6/CC

Video Editing
Expertly-timed splicing/reordering footage

Music and Sound Effects
Adding music and sounds, expertly-timed

i.e. Crossfade, fade to black or white, slide in, and custom transitions

Multi-Camera Editing
Efficient multi-cam editing for multiple angles

Multi-Layered Video
Multiple images, videos, text, etc. can be overlayed and animated

Video/Image Manipulation
Cropping, rotating, multiple videos / images on one screen

Image Animation
Basic movement and manipulation of PNG images

Background Noise Reduction for Audio
Removing constant ambient noise: i.e. fan blowing, traffic, etc.

Audio Manipulation
Trimming/rearranging, volume adjustment, fade in/out, pitch/speed, echo/reverb, etc.

Basic titles, subtitles, and credits: i.e. Interviewee name+credentials, instructional video titles
(Excludes full-length movie and alternate language subtitling)

Photoshop & Digital Art
Experience: Since 2007
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS6/CC, Paint.net, ArtFlow for Android

Text | Image Logos
Basic Text Logo
Any text in any font; copyright permissions needed
(with basic enhancements & textures: i.e. outline, shadow, bevel, glow)
Basic Image Logo
Basic shapes drawn in Photoshop, w/ basic enhancements & textures
(with basic enhancements & textures: i.e. outline, shadow, bevel, glow)

Image Adjustments
Photo Filters

Digital Art Creation
Cartoons / Anime
Characters drawn on paper and outlined digitally
Background Removal
Removal of surroundings to isolate subject on transparent background
Color Fill & Blending
Selection of image portions to fill with color
Basic Layer Effects (Customizable)
Shadow, Bevel, Glow, Stroke, etc.
Pre-Loaded Photoshop Effects
Blur, Distort, Stylize, Sketch, etc.

Special Effects
Experience: Since 2014
Software: Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Premiere CS6

Animated Text | Image Logos
Any text or image animated in 2D or 3D
(with basic enhancements & textures: i.e. outline, shadow, bevel, glow)

Basic image and shape animation manually keyframed
(with 2D background or composited environment)

Particle Generation
Creating dust, fireflies, etc. with Particle World CC

Layering multiple images & greenscreen footage to create a simulated environment

Basic greenscreening of any moving/unmoving person/object in any environment
(employer or client must provide greenscreen & work space)